Special Dutch Wines & Cheeses tasting




We have been able to organize an excitingly diverse programme of different activities and excursions before, during, and after the ICP12 conference in Utrecht. For some of these a minimum amount of participants is required, whereas for several, a limited participation is possible. It is therefore strongly advised to book you participation as soon as possible (first come first go !). Some of these activities/excursions are unique and only organized in relation to this conference.


Of course the Netherlands is known for its cheese production, but wines..?

Already in Roman times, wines were produced in the Netherlands, in particular near Maastricht;

ENCIexcApostelhoeveSome of the best wine producers are again in this region, but most of the modern production of wine started only in the 1970s; the Apostelhoeve is one of the oldest and still one of the best !(the 2-day excursion to SE-Netherlands/Maastricht will visit this vineyard/producer).

In fact the commercial wine production is steadily increasing, and passed in 2010, a total of 1 million bottles of wine. Quantity is not all that counts, prices were won at international wine fairs (e.g. Apostelhoeve wines have received various medals at international concourses: 9 gold and 11 silver medals). Also Y. Robinson, a famous wine-taster/evaluator/writer was recently pleasantly surprised by the unexpected high quality of Dutch wines.

Large quantities of Dutch cheeses are exported around the world, but for tasting the really good cheeses, you have to be in the Netherlands.


Traditional Cheese market, Alkmaar


Pandhof, Utrecht

Pandhof, Utrecht

The Wine & Cheese tasting event will take place in a historical setting, namely in the Auditorium and the adjacent ancient monastery herbal garden, the ‘Pandhof’ (courtyard). This garden is situated between the St. Martin’s Cathedral and the University Hall in the Medieval centre of Utrecht. The Pandhof is an idyllic monastery garden, where ornamental plants and herbs bloom. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful enclosed gardens in the Netherlands.

The oldest part of the Utrecht University Hall is the Auditorium, completed in 1462. In here the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1579, marking the origin of the Dutch nation. When Utrecht University was founded in 1636 it was given the Auditorium by the city.

WineCheese Wine

During this Dutch Wines & Cheeses Tasting, a fine selection of different wines and cheeses will be presented and introduced by local experts.


Prize: The costs for this unique tasting event is 52 Euro per person

When: Wednesday August 31, 20:00-22:00

Where: Auditorium and the adjacent ancient monastery herbal garden, the ‘Pandhof’ (courtyard) between the St. Martin’s Cathedral and the University Hall

This includes: several different types of Dutch wines & cheeses & bread