Session 2. Paleo Proxies: Development, Calibration and Application




The development and calibration of marine proxies for reconstructing past ocean and climate conditions is of tremendous importance for paleoceanographic research. New proxies have often allowed a major leap forward in paleoceanography, while the continuous reassessment, refinement and recalibration of proxies have provided better constraints or even corrections to our understanding of past oceans.

This session will act as a venue to showcase newly developed proxies as well as studies that investigate the primary mechanisms and environmental controls on currently used marine proxies. We encourage contributions focused on physical, chemical, and biological proxy signals from a variety of biogenic and abiogenic archives such as carbonates, silicates, organic matter, as well as bulk sediments and authigenic precipitates. Contributions on analytical method development and proxy validation beyond empirical observations are welcome, as well as multi proxy comparisons from a variety of regions (polar, tropical) and time periods.

Examples of topics we would like to see are studies on the effect of variable seawater chemistry in distant ocean history, diagenetic alteration of original proxy records, evolutionary history of biological proxy carriers and its effect on the recorded signal, and insights on where and how in the water column a proxy signal is formed.


Title: “Decoding Earth’s surface history by osmium isotope records of marine sediments”
Junichiro Kuroda (JAMTEC, Japan)


Title: “Testing the impact of diagenesis on stable isotope and trace element geochemistry in fossil foraminiferal calcite”
Kirsty Edgar (Bristol, UK)


Title: “Increased poleward flux of atmospheric moisture during the PETM as deduced from paired in situ d18O:Mg/Ca measurements in planktic foraminifera”
Reinhard Kozdon (Columbia University, USA)


Title: “Novel multiproxy approaches for simultaneous environmental and seawater chemistry reconstruction”
David Evans (Yale University, USA)


Title: “A molecular fossil‘s perspective on palaeo sea ice and climate dynamics”
Julianne Müller, (AWI, Germany)


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