Session 1. Time Scales and Rates of Change




Current hypotheses on rates of change, feedback mechanisms, tipping points and phase relations in the ocean-climate system, all depend on our knowledge of the time-scale they operate and on the accuracy of their underlying chronologies.

In this session, we invite scientists to present their newest findings to challenge long-standing issues in paleoceanography, regarding the full spectrum of time-scales, i.e. from tectonic to astronomical to millennial to decadal scales. These findings may include amongst others, new and/or more accurate age constraints, uncertainty calculations, phase relationships, leads-lags in the ocean climate system or the inter-comparison between radiometric and astronomical dating techniques.


Title“Ups and downs of Quaternary climate”
Stephen Barker (Cardiff University, UK)


Title: “Asian Monsoon History over the last 640,000 years, implications for orbital and millennial-scale climate change around the world”
R. Lawrence Edwards (USA)


Title: TBA
Timothy Herbert (Brown, USA)


Title: “On the ocean’s role for high latitude climate change in the Arctic-Atlantic sector”
Camille Li (University of Bergen, Norway)


Title: “Being Milankovitch”
Stephen Meyers (UW-Madison, USA)


To download the list of posters for this session: Poster overview session 1. / Poster abstracts session 1