Posters sessions



Poster presentation guidelines

The measurements of the posters should be A0 poster size (A0 is 118.9 x 84.1 cm; or 46.8 x 33.1 inches) – landscape / horizontal position.

The poster boards we are using at ICP12 will be 125 cm wide and 100 cm high.

All posters will be displayed during the whole conference.

Posters may be hung in place from 08.00h on Monday, 29 August, and must remain in place throughout the congress till Friday 2 September. Mounting materials will be available in the poster area. Staff from the information desk will be happy to help authors.

The first poster session will start from 13:30h on Monday. The organizers will not be responsible for posters that are not taken down by 15:00h on Friday 2 September. 

Poster boards are numbered by means of an abstract code (beginning with the letter P) appearing in the scheduling confirmation sent to you the authors. You will also find your abstract code in the links below with the sessions and on the separate webpage with the complete poster overview.


Poster session schedule

Monday 29 August from 13:30-16:30

Theme session 1. Time Scales and Rates of Change / Poster abstracts session 1

Theme session 3. Biogeochemical Cycles, Biota and Evolution / Poster abstracts session 3


Tuesday 30 August from 13:30-16:30

Theme session 2.  Paleo Proxies: Development, Calibration and Application / Poster abstracts session 2


Thursday 1 September from 13:30-16:30

Theme session 4. System Dynamics and Ocean-Ice-Continent Interactions / Poster abstracts session 4 

Theme session 5. Reconstructing the Future   / Poster abstracts session 5


The authors must be present in their respective poster sessions



Poster presentations are held at the ICP12 conference location, the Jaarbeurs Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht. Posters will be located in the Expohal.


Best Poster Awards

The 12 awarded posters will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on Friday, 2 September. Students should be present in order to receive the award, sponsored by Nature Geoscience.


Print Shops

Please note that ICP12 organizers are not offering printing services. It is up to poster authors to print their poster.

A possible printing shop nearby the venue which is open on Saturdays is the Kopijwinkel:  (the rest of the website is only in Dutch)
They offer the opportunity to upload or mail the poster in advance.
Opening times are Monday-Friday 9:00-17:30 uur and Saturdays 11:00 – 15:00
Address: Lange Smeestraat 41-43, 3511 PV Utrecht
Phone: +31 (0)30 2313700


For questions regarding the poster sessions, please contact the Conference Office.