History ICP




This ICP conference will be the 12th in a long-standing tradition of high quality, focused conferences held every 3 years, beginning in Zürich in 1983. The latest editions were organized in Biarritz (2004), Shanghai (2007), San Diego (2010) and Sitges (2013). ICP brings together scientists from academia, research institutes, museums and industry professionals all working in the field of Paleoceanography. Crucially, they are aimed at integrating all scientific aspects of paleoceanography, but also all generations of scientists.


History of ICP events
1983 ICP 1 Zurich (Switzerland)
1986 ICP 2 Woods Hole (USA)
1989 ICP 3 Cambridge (UK)
1992 ICP 4 Kiel (Germany): Short and long-term global change: Records and modelling
1995 ICP 5 Halifax (Canada): The role of paleoceanographic linkages in the global system
1998 ICP 6 Lisbon (Portugal): Reconstructing ocean history: A window into the future
2001 ICP 7 Sapporo (Japan)
2004 ICP 8 Biarritz (Frae): An ocean view of global change
2007 ICP 9 Shanghai (China): The future Ocean: perspectives from the past – A tribute to Professor Sir Nicholas J. Shackleton
2010 ICP 10 La Jolla (USA)
2013 ICP 11 Sitges-Barcelona (Spain): Long-term perspectives on ocean and climate dynamics – Three decades of ICP
2016 ICP 12 Utrecht (Netherlands)